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Written by PEI-Genesis 8/6/20 9:45 AM

Contact Selection: How to Find the Right Contacts for Your Connector

Just as selecting the right electrical connector is a crucial step in designing a reliable system, s...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 7/23/20 9:45 AM

Endure Harsh Environments with Reliable Pressure Sensors

Harsh environments can be considered harsh in a variety of ways, but extreme temperatures and pressu...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 7/9/20 9:45 AM

4 Ways to Avoid Electrical Connector Failures

Failure is not an option in critical harsh environment applications related to aerospace, aviation, ...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/25/20 9:45 AM

Meet RoHS Compliance Standards with the Right Connector Plating

In markets such as oil and gas, mining, transportation, military, and aerospace, the push for increa...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/11/20 9:45 AM

RJ45 Connectors Delivering High Data Speeds for Harsh Environments

The need for higher data transmission speeds, lower latency, lower security threats, and improved re...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/28/20 9:45 AM

Advanced Connectors: Driving Transportation Innovations

In an ever-evolving transportation industry, each new development impacts how we live and work. Mass...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/14/20 9:45 AM

Meet Tom Maha, PEI-Genesis Product Manager

Introducing Tom Maha, a member of the PEI-Genesis family for 10 years. Tom began his journey with th...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/30/20 9:45 AM

Durable Industrial Connectors for Smart Agriculture

Groundbreaking advancements in agricultural equipment and electronics have made it possible for farm...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/16/20 9:45 AM

Meet Industrial Automation Challenges with Durable Connector Solutions

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, consistency and productivity are key. It is crucial to ha...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/2/20 9:45 AM

PEI-Genesis: Supporting Next-Generation Engineers

As the world moves toward increasingly robotics-focused operations, many next-generation engineers a...
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