PEI-Genesis and ITT Cannon Deliver Reliable Connectors for Space

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Technology advancements are empowering companies like NASA and SpaceX to develop systems that are pushing the boundaries of space exploration. A spate of missions and projects will unfold during the next few years, including asteroid missions, planetary research, and space tourism. To support these advancements in the extremely harsh space environment, the right technology is needed, including rugged, high-performance connectors.

ITT Cannon Connector Solutions for Space

ITT Cannon engineers high-performance, reliable interconnects designed to support the most mission-critical applications venturing into space. ITT Cannon and PEI-Genesis’ partnership allows PEI to stock ITT Cannon’s inventory globally to provide instant solutions for customers worldwide.

Solutions in the ITT Cannon product line include the cutting-edge technologies needed to transfer data, signals, and power in the harsh environments of space, where the parts may encounter shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, debris impact, EMI/RFI, and more. The ability to withstand harsh environmental components is vital because any degradation to safety and performance is simply not acceptable in space.

ITT Cannon KJ Series

The KJ Series from ITT Cannon is designed in accordance with MIL-DTL-38999 specifications and offers a full range of custom solutions for military, aerospace, and space applications, including flight attitude control, display systems, environmental controls, guidance and navigation, vehicle control, payload systems, and power distribution.

The sealed and vibration-resistant design, plus high-density contact arrangements make it an ideal solution to integrate into complex cable assemblies or umbilical interconnects. ITT Cannon’s Class G KJ Series meets thermal vacuum outgassing requirements while providing reliable signal, RF, and power.

With data transmission rates increasing and requirements for end-to-end solutions, Cannon offers complex fiber optic cable harnesses and a full range of integrated high-speed termini and cable systems supporting Cat5, 10Gb Ethernet, and HDMI protocols.

KJ SeriesITT Cannon D-Sub ConnectorsD-Sub connectors

From the earliest space exploration missions to the newest platforms, ITT Cannon’s D-Subminiature Connectors have provided high-performance power, signal, and data transmission to a wide range of space applications, from the earliest space exploration missions to the newest platforms. These highly versatile connectors target various markets, including aerospace, military, industrial/commercial, and medical devices, and they are available in an array of D-Sub styles, sizes, configurations, and accessories.

The D-Subminiature connector family includes Combination D-Sub Connectors. These I/O interconnects have highly reliable machined contacts to reduce the possibility of EMI/RFI leakage — an excellent option for applications where space is at a premium. Numerous options are available to meet the needs of specific applications.

ITT Cannon’s D-Sub High Reliability Connectors are I/O interconnects known for their D-shaped metal shield and two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets. They are available in four layouts: standard, high density, double density, and combo-D layouts. In addition, the durable connectors are designed in accordance with MIL-DTL-24308.

The High Reliability, NMB D-Sub Connectors are space-grade D-Sub connectors, per NASA and SAE standards, that meet the stringent requirements for residual magnetism and outgassing. These rugged connectors, which are qualified by NASA/GFCS and the ESA, provide the reliable, durable performance needed in the harsh environment of space. NM/NMB High-Reliability D-Subs support an operating temperature range of –55℃ to 150℃, have a max operating voltage rating of 500 VAC, and can withstand 500 mating cycles.

The World's Largest Distributor of Value-added Cannon Connectors

PEI-Genesis partners with ITT Cannon to deliver reliable interconnects that allow technologies to operate in harsh environments. We stock millions of dollars of ITT Cannon component inventory to provide solutions quickly, with low to no MOQ. Our four value-added production facilities worldwide can support customers' design challenges. We assemble connectors to the customers' exact design requirements, offering flexibility and quick turnaround.

Additionally, PEI-Genesis has in-house outgassing capabilities to reduce time and cost from the beginning of assembling space-grade and non-space-grade connectors.



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