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Written by PEI-Genesis 12/1/22 9:45 AM

Introducing 3 New Connector Solutions From PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis is constantly expanding its portfolio to provide additional interconnect solutions for c...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 10/20/22 9:45 AM

How to Choose Connector Solutions for AI in Space Exploration

Continuing our exploration of space is often met with a complication. Some things are impossible for...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 10/6/22 9:45 AM

How To Solve EV and Space Connector Challenges With Positronic

PEI-Genesis is an authorized distributor for Positronic, an Amphenol company providing mission-criti...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 8/25/22 9:45 AM

Achieve Space Exploration with High-Performance Space Grade Connectors

Modern-day space exploration is flourishing, as new technological advances offer a look into parts o...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 7/28/22 9:45 AM

Reliable Connectors for Space Exploration

As technology advances and space travel becomes more accessible than in past decades, it isn’t only ...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 7/14/22 10:25 AM

Having a Trusted Distribution Partner To Mitigate Supply Chain Issues

Companies worldwide are experiencing a global supply chain disruption that is unprecedented for this...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/2/22 10:31 AM

RF Connectors: A Popular Solution for High-Speed Applications

Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave connectors are designed to complement the efficiency of equipment...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/19/22 9:45 AM

The Principles of Manufacturing an Electrical Connector

There are hundreds of different types of electrical connectors, each with its own unique features ta...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 11/11/21 9:45 AM

Harsh Environment HDMI Connectors Features and Applications

Originally developed for commercial systems, HDMI connectors have evolved through the years to inclu...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 8/5/21 9:45 AM

RF Connectors: Their Origin, Features, and Applications

Since their origins in the 1930s, coaxial RF (Radio Frequency) electrical connectors have advanced t...
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