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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/23/24 9:45 AM

How the MIL-STD-1553B Standard Empowers Modern Defense Systems

Mission-critical defense technology requires stringent standards to ensure precision, reliability, a...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/24/24 11:12 AM

Powering the Open RAN Revolution with Advanced Connector Solutions

In the past decade, the rise of Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) technology has become one of th...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 3/21/24 9:45 AM

How To Select the Right Cable Jacket Material

Modern electrical systems rely on the interconnectivity between different devices, boards, and perip...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 11/16/23 9:45 AM

Smart Agriculture Technology Improves Global Agriculture Productivity

Smart agriculture, or Farming 4.0, leverages technology and data analysis to track critical paramete...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 10/26/23 1:45 PM

Space-Grade 38999 Series Connector Solutions from Eaton

Space-grade connectors are a critical component to enable endless opportunities in space exploration...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 10/5/23 9:45 AM

Understanding Rocket Launchers for Space Missions

Today's space industry depends on launchers to transport satellites into orbit and send scientific i...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 9/21/23 9:45 AM

eMobility Interconnect Solutions Drive Civilians into the Future

eMobility encompasses a wide range of electric-powered transportation options — electric vehicles, h...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 9/7/23 9:36 AM

Harsh Environment Connector Solutions for Satellites in Space

Thousands of satellites orbit the Earth, serving diverse roles in communication, space observation, ...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 8/24/23 11:30 AM

Meet Simcha Frimer, VP of Sales, Product and Purchasing at PEI-Genesis

As VP of Sales, Product, and Purchasing at PEI-Genesis, Simcha oversees the North American and EMEA ...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 8/10/23 9:30 AM

Cinch ModICE Connector Solutions for Heavy Equipment

What commonalities do hydraulic shovels, bulldozers, and threshing machines share?
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