Meet Ron Taylor, PEI-Genesis Sales Engineer

Written by PEI-Genesis on 8/2/18 10:00 AM

Ron Taylor joined the PEI-Genesis team last summer. Since then, he has been enjoying exposure to the numerous markets we serve and learning our suite of connector, cable assembly, and sensor offerings. Ron’s background is with original equipment manufacturers, so the distribution business is relatively new territory for him.

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Advancements in Mil-Spec Connectors and the Soldier of Tomorrow

Written by PEI-Genesis on 7/19/18 7:00 AM

Last year, we wrote about the rise of body sensors for military use. As we noted at the time, wearable technology for soldiers was poised to become a half-billion-dollar market. However, the growth in military technology isn’t limited to body sensors.

The Mil-Spec connectors found in radios, tablets, headsets, and GPS systems all allow soldiers to do their jobs better and become the “future soldier,” a term that’s often used in the military technology industry.

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Topics: Military, Mil-Spec Connectors

What Constitutes a Harsh Environment for Connectors?

Written by PEI-Genesis on 7/5/18 10:00 AM

What is the most extreme environment in which electronic components can operate?

According to Electronic Component News’ Paul Pickering, it’s the planet Venus, where temperatures reach 500°C and the atmosphere contains clouds of sulfuric acid.

While most applications won’t require you to prepare your connectors for space travel, there is an increasing demand for components that can withstand extreme or harsh environments.

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Topics: Connectors for Harsh Environments, Amphenol connectors

In-Flight Entertainment Systems and Higher-Speed Interconnect Solutions

Written by PEI-Genesis on 6/7/18 7:00 AM

Global demand for air travel is growing, driven in part by the rise in middle-income travelers in places such as India and China. The next few years should see the rise of narrow-body planes designed to ferry a smaller number of passengers between hub cities.

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Meet Lew Peck, PEI-Genesis Sales Engineer

Written by PEI-Genesis on 5/24/18 11:02 AM

Lew Peck joined the PEI team one year ago as a Sales Engineer for the Central region of the United States. He’s appreciated the opportunity to grow professionally and find the best solutions for his customers’ needs. Lew knows solution selling is not a one-time thing; it requires constant follow-up. He believes that’s something that sets PEI apart – the fact that we search for the best possible solution and are willing to push the limits of what’s already been done. Lew feels that customers continue to return to us because we relentlessly solve their interconnect problems. He’s enjoyed helping the sales team understand the difference and importance of selling value versus just selling components. Lew takes pleasure in pushing others to realize their full potential.

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Fibre Optic Solutions: Increased Usage in Harsh Environments and Potential Challenges

Written by Michael O'Farrell on 5/10/18 9:01 AM

For reasons of bandwidth, EMI immunity, distance, future-proofing, passive sensing, security or safety; fibre is finding its way into ever more ruggedised applications.

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Topics: Fibre Optic Solutions

Visit PEI-Genesis at INTERMAT Paris 2018

Written by PEI-Genesis on 4/19/18 8:36 AM

Visit us at INTERMAT from 23 – 28 April 2018 at Booth 5B N 015 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre in France.

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Topics: Custom Interconnect Solutions, Industrial Industry

Electric Vehicles: Charging Infrastructure Relies on Connectors for Harsh Environments

Written by PEI-Genesis on 4/10/18 7:00 AM

Although their numbers are growing, electric cars account for only the smallest fraction of vehicles on the road.

But that’s about to change, Connector Supplier reported recently, as several influential countries begin to take steps to reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s take a look at the relationship between electric vehicles and connectors – as demand for the former increases, so too will the need for the latter.

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Topics: Connectors for Harsh Environments

Meet James Jell, PEI-Genesis Sales Engineer, Rail Market

Written by PEI-Genesis on 3/20/18 7:00 AM

Introducing James Jell – one of the newest members to the PEI family. James joins us as a sales engineer for the rail market, an arena in which he has more than 40 years of experience. And while he is a new employee, James is no stranger to PEI, having spent years building a relationship with us as a supplier.

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The Role of Specialty Connectors in Solar Power

Written by PEI-Genesis on 2/22/18 11:30 AM

Solar power is the world’s fastest growing energy source, and that’s good news for the specialty connector industry.

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Topics: Connectors in Solar Power