Oil and Gas Industry Connectors Driven by Automated Drilling Technology

Written by PEI-Genesis on 2/13/18 8:00 AM

As a company that provides oil and gas industry connectors and connector solutions, it’s worth asking what the oil and gas industry will look like in the next decade.

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Topics: Oil and Gas Industry Connectors

Shining a Light on Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Written by PEI-Genesis on 1/4/18 2:38 PM

 In every market, for nearly every connector and cable application, one trend is clear; an ever-increasing amount of data needs to be processed and transmitted at lightning speeds, all in the smallest footprint possible.

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Topics: Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Connectors for Rail and Mass Transit Modernize Transportation

Written by PEI-Genesis on 12/14/17 7:00 AM

From light rail to school buses, connectors for rail and mass transit are enabling cities to relieve traffic congestion, reduce pollution, drive economic growth, and modernize transportation.

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Topics: Connectors for Rail

Environmental Compliance in the Connector Industry: What is RoHS 2 and the EU Directive Requirement?

Written by PEI-Genesis on 11/28/17 6:30 AM

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations originated in Europe 15 years ago, and were created to restrict the use of hazardous materials in electric and electronic products.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance in the Connector Industry

PEI-Genesis Chinese Production Facility Achieves New Quality Management Certifications AS9100D and ISO9001:2015

Written by PEI-Genesis on 11/2/17 3:40 PM

PEI-Genesis’s production facility in Zhuhai, China has achieved two new quality management certifications: AS9100D and ISO9001:2015.

These certifications follow similar achievements at our sister factories in Southampton in the United Kingdom, South Bend, IN, and Chandler, AZ – all previously certified to AS9100C:2009 and ISO9001:2008.

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Topics: Quality Management Certifications, AS9100D, ISO9001:2015

Major Milestone: PEI-Genesis Inventory Hits 1 Million Unique Parts

Written by PEI-Genesis on 10/19/17 11:30 AM

Over 1 million unique parts in stock.


Reaching 1 million of anything is not an easy task, so when it happens, it’s worth noting.

That’s why PEI-Genesis wants to take a moment to acknowledge a significant milestone: We’ve reached an inventory of 1 million unique parts.

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Topics: Major Milestone, PEI-Genesis Inventory, 1 Million Unique Parts

Introducing Our New Connector Assembly Instructional Guide

Written by PEI-Genesis on 9/28/17 10:30 AM


Our new downloadable Connector Assembly Instructional Guide is now available. This short but comprehensive instructional overview offers easy-to-follow directions for users who need to properly wire and assemble a variety of commercial and MIL-Spec connectors.

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Topics: Connector Assembly Guide

Advances in Medical Equipment and Medical Connector Designs

Written by PEI-Genesis on 8/24/17 8:22 AM

Oximeters is only one example of recent advancements in healthcare monitoring.

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to look at some advances in medical equipment and medical connector designs.

There are several technological changes and innovations that have inspired health care providers to upgrade their operations, while giving them more time to provide care.

For example, an uptick in the number of people receiving home health care has led to a boom in personal healthcare monitoring and preventative medical electronics.

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Topics: Medical Connector

Export Controlled Products in the Connector Industry

Written by PEI-Genesis on 8/3/17 7:00 AM

The Unites States federal government controls the exports of technology out of this country.

When shipping connectors overseas, it’s important to know about the concept of export control.

The federal government controls exports of technology as a way of promoting national security and foreign policy goals.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the chief things you should know about export controlled products in the connector industry.

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Topics: Export Controlled Products

The Rise of Smart Clothing and Body Sensors for Military Use

Written by PEI-Genesis on 7/25/17 8:40 AM


Smart clothing and body sensors for military use may not sell the same way smartphones do, but it’s still a growing market.

Tractica forecasts that overall shipments of smart clothing will rise from 968,000 units in 2015 to 24.75 million units in 2021, a compound annual growth rate of nearly 72 percent.

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Topics: Smart Clothing, Sensors