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Written by PEI-Genesis 7/14/22 10:25 AM

Having a Trusted Distribution Partner To Mitigate Supply Chain Issues

Companies worldwide are experiencing a global supply chain disruption that is unprecedented for this...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/30/22 9:45 AM

Reliable Connectors for Green Energy Technology

The renewable energy sector is rapidly expanding across the United States as more companies adopt pr...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/16/22 9:45 AM

Meet PEI-Genesis's Latest Engineering Intern: Rohan Bhatt

Rohan Bhatt, PEI-Genesis Engineering Intern, is an extrovert looking to gain industry experience. As...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 6/2/22 10:31 AM

RF Connectors: A Popular Solution for High-Speed Applications

Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave connectors are designed to complement the efficiency of equipment...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/19/22 9:45 AM

The Principles of Manufacturing an Electrical Connector

There are hundreds of different types of electrical connectors, each with its own unique features ta...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 5/5/22 9:45 AM

Meet Kate Primavera, NA Manager of the Account Development Group

Meet Kate Primavera- an eight-year member of the PEI-Genesis family. As Manager of the Account Devel...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/21/22 11:12 AM

Electric Vehicles: The Pros and Cons

The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is expanding. Statista reports that sales doubled in 2021 and tha...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 4/7/22 10:48 AM

The Future of Transportation: Underground Roadways and Air Taxis

Engineers from multiple disciplines are seeking innovative ways to leverage the available space abov...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 3/24/22 10:08 AM

Understanding Waterproof Connectors for Harsh Environments

Many harsh environmental conditions that involve electrical connectors will, at some point, come in ...
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Written by PEI-Genesis 3/10/22 9:45 AM

The Emergence of 6G Technology: What it is and How it Works

In its nature, technology is constantly pushing forward and striving for improvements, so it should ...
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