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PEI-Genesis is far more than a distributor for electrical connectors: we offer extensive customization options and inventory solutions for engineers looking to build their next application. Read below to learn how to customize your connectors using our bonded inventory and best-in-industry supply management and delivery options.

Customizing Your Connectors With PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis is committed to providing high-quality interconnect solutions and supplying value-added services, like in-house outgassing for contaminant-sensitive applications, kitting and packaging to meet specific needs, and part number configurations to offer added flexibility.

In-House Outgassing

If you have ever enjoyed the smell of a new car, you have experienced the results of natural outgassing. Put simply, if there is a pocket of air in the glue or polymer used to manufacture a component, that pocket can move to the surface over time and release gases. While this might not be a problem in your new car, it is certainly an issue for aerospace applications using highly regulated connectors (and many other use cases).

Outgassing (also called gas-off) is a major concern for space grade connectors. Materials such as elastomers and plastics can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the form of gas or vapor slowly over time. These VOCs result in contamination that can seriously affect the performance of mission-critical equipment.  Because space applications must be highly reliable, the chances of outgassing must be minimized. Therefore, outgassing must be performed on components -- including electrical connectors -- before they are safe to use in space applications.

During the outgassing process, PEI-Genesis places the connector into a heated chamber that provides a vacuum-sealed environment for pulling air and extraneous gases from inserts, glue, and grommet. Many other distributors have the manufacturer support this critical step of connector preparation, adding significant lead times and costs to the design process. PEI-Genesis performs outgassing in-house for space-grade and non-space-grade connectors, saving you time and costs from the beginning of an assembly.


Kitting and Packaging

PEI-Genesis can custom kit an entire connector and additional accessories (e.g., backshell,packaging grommets, and dust caps), a service many distributors do not offer. We also provide custom-branding and military packaging with barcodes and identification options, as well as custom labeling that includes a company’s brand logo and colors. This leads to a truly flexible partnership focused on your branding needs from the ground up.

Thousands of Part Number Configurations

PEI-Genesis receives thousands of connector components from various manufacturing partners -- allowing us to create exponentially unique part number configurations. This threads a needle often required by many customers, fitting a space between off-the-shelf solutions and entirely bespoke connector solutions. In turn, designers see increased flexibility and a more straightforward ordering process, which leads to better designs faster.

Supply Chain Solutions

When working on a time-sensitive project, it’s important to ensure you work with a reliable manufacturer and distributor with plenty of inventory to meet your deadlines. PEI-Genesis offers solutions to common supply-chain issues to ensure engineers have the necessary components as quickly as possible.

A Flexible, Adaptive Stock Inventory

Our production facilities have a massive inventory in NA, EMEA, and APAC warehouses. If demand for a specific electrical connector increases, that product will be added and ready to be quickly dispatched. This reduces cost since there is often no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), allowing you to receive one connector, 500, or more.

Production Facility PEI-Genesis also has in-house manufacturing capabilities to build custom-designed connector solutions. Rather than going through the manufacturer, we can quickly assemble a connector from its components, resulting in short customer lead times and lower costs. On the other hand, many other distributors buy connectors prebuilt from suppliers: this leads to a lack of flexibility with custom solutions, potentially higher MOQs, and longer lead times.

manufacturing Just-in-Time Delivery

PEI-Genesis also offers JIT (Just-in-Time) Delivery, holding all the parts to build each connector per order request.

Engineers involved in the bonded inventory program do not need in-plant storage or a shared inventory pool for their connectors because PEI-Genesis holds those parts and delivers them as soon as necessary.

PEI-Genesis also provides online services, such as the MyPEI Webstore Account, which allows you to track inventory, check order status, and view lead times. In addition, there is an option to receive a supply chain analysis, where one of the PEI-Genesis advisors is sent to your facility to provide expert guidance on the best inventory solution.

PEI-Genesis: More Than a Distributor

Because of the many additional services, PEI-Genesis is more than just another electrical connector distributor. From in-house outgassing to supply chain solutions, we are committed to providing you with the services and benefits that make your design and manufacturing process as manageable as possible.

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