How To Solve EV and Space Connector Challenges With Positronic

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PEI-Genesis is an authorized distributor for Positronic, an Amphenol company providing mission-critical power and signal connectors. This partnership allows PEI-Genesis to stock and value-add Positronic’s high-quality, reliable components, including connector solutions for space and EV (electric vehicle) markets. As a result, PEI-Genesis will be able to efficiently custom-assemble products, leading to shorter lead times and quicker customer solutions.

Positronic Products We Offer

While already a distributor for Amphenol, partnering with Positronic authorizes PEI-Genesis to provide comprehensive product solutions from their portfolio of D-Sub connectors, rectangular connectors, power & hybrid connectors, and circular connectors. Within this range, Positronic is a leading connector supplier to two key markets experiencing rapid growth: space and EV. Both markets require highly durable solutions that can safely provide excellent performance even in rugged environments.

Space Connectors From Positronic 

In one area, space connectors for next-gen applications must undergo rigorous testing for issues like outgassing and residual magnetism. They must also offer superior performance and reliability in harsh service conditions, making them space qualified and allowing applications to travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

MACH-D SeriesPositronic MACH-D Connectors

The MACH-D Series offers precision machined shells that provide extreme service reliability, including EMI/EMC shielding and protection against shock, vibration, and impact. These IP67 D-Sub connectors are available in standard and high-density signal contact arrangements and hybrid versions that combine signal and power capabilities. Also, note that the high-performance MACH-D family of connectors comes in three different series.

MIL-DTL-24308 Qualified D-SubsPositronic M24308 D-Sub Connector Series

MIL-DTL-24308 D-Subs are military-grade connectors available with non-magnetic and non-outgassing properties with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, allowing them to perform in extremely harsh environments. They are also a compact option, available in both standard and high-density layouts, for applications where weight and physical space are at a premium (e.g., SWaP). 

Space Grade Combo-D Connectors

Positronic’s Space Grade Combo-D Connectors include the SCBC, SCBM, SCBCD, and SCBDD Series, which can mix any combination of signal, power, coax, HV, and fiber optic as needed. These rectangular-shaped connectors are designed for spaceflight applications and can operate in hazardous atmospheres with a lightweight aluminum hood for protection. Although these connectors are very similar, each has its own technical specifications that make it slightly different from another. 

Additionally, many of these D-Subs are qualified for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center S-311 specification.

EV Connectors From Positronic 

In addition to their space-grade solutions, Positronic has a line of versatile connectors that provide excellent performance for EV applications. Such connectors must often combine a rugged design, resistance to contaminants (e.g., dust and water), and may need to carry both power and signal. Two of the product series that fall into these categories are the Power Connection System Family and Dragonfly.

Positronic Power Connection System Family

Positronic’s Power Connection System Family comprises highly versatile power connectors that work exceptionally well for EV solutions. In particular, PLC is a three-row connector, PLB is a two-row connector, and PLA is a one-row connector. Each series is available in various termination types and accessories and includes a high conductivity contact option.

Positronic Dragonfly Series

The Dragonfly Series is a durable rectangular power and signal solution with high power density in miniature packaging. It has a current rating of up to 20A per contact, supporting the high current and power needs of many EV applications, and is available in PCB mount, panel mount, and cable connections. In addition, the Dragonfly product line includes an integral locking mechanism and offers solutions with sizes 16, 20, and 22 contacts.

PEI-Genesis: The #1 Distributor for Positronic Connectors

PEI-Genesis is more than a distributor of connectors: we offer additional services to effectively support our customers, including custom cable assembly and custom kitting/special packaging. Whether you need a Mil-Spec D-Sub connector for a space application or miniature rectangular connectors for demanding EV applications, PEI-Genesis and Positronic have the right solution for your design. Contact a PEI expert today to learn more about the Space and EV solutions available from Positronic.


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