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Put Your Explosion-Proof Cable Design and Assembly in the Hands of the Connector Experts

PEI-Genesis has expertise and extensive experience in EX Hazardous Zone design and assembly. We are BASEEFA-competent to build explosion-proof cable assemblies for use in hazardous environments.

From design through delivery, our engineering team will work with you, providing rapid turnaround for drawings, first article samples and production quantities, all delivered on time and to specification.

PEI is ready to deliver a tailored solution that meets your deadline, reduces your total costs and performs to specification. Whether your requirement is ATEX or IECex, we can offer a solution that suits both Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, gas, dust and flying’s data, power, signaling and fiber optic.


Full turnkey design and certified interconnect solutions
Engineered zone 1 and 2 hazardous area data, power, fiber optics and signaling design and manufacture. This includes the standard cable assemblies and Ex e/Ex d enclosures with connectors and cable attachments.

Fast response sampling and prototyping using the latest technologies, including 3D printing – We can produce 3D models and prototypes in ABS plus material with a print footprint of 205x205x305 mm per component with any 3D CAD file.

Model material – P430 ABS plus in ivory, white, black, red, olive green, nectarine, blue, grey or fluorescent yellow.

Support material – SR-30 soluble support technology (SST)

Build size – 203x203x 305 mm, or 8x8x12 in

Layer thickness – 0.178 mm (0.007 in) or 0.254 mm (0.01 in)

Test Levels

Continuity Test - 2-wire:
Voltage: Standard 2.5V
Current: .1uA to 10mA
Resistance: .1∧ to 1M∧ ±2% ±.1∧

Continuity Test - 4-wire:
Voltage: Standard 2.5V
Current: (.001∧ - 1∧) - 2A (1∧ - 10∧) - 200mA (10∧ - 100∧) - 20mA
Resistance: .001∧ to 100∧ ±2% ±.001∧
Capacitance: 1nF to 1000μF ±10% ±50pF

Insulation Test:
Voltage: 100 to 1500 VDC (50 volt steps) ±5% ±5V
Resistance: 5M to 1000M ohms ±10%

Dielectric Withstand Test:
Voltage: 100 to 1500 VDC or 100 to 1000 VAC (50 volt steps) ±5% ±5V
Current Limit: (DC) .1mA to 2.5mA
(AC) .1mA to 1.5mA (RMS)
Dwell: (DC) 10ms to 120 sec.
(AC) 17ms to 120 sec. (1 cycle to 7200 cycles)


PEI Genesis certifications for explosion-proof cable assembly services include:

IPC620 trained production engineers.

BASEEFA training for all engineers – FAEs, IAEs and design engineers Contact us today to learn more about our explosion-proof cable design and assembly capabilities.



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