Meet PEI-Genesis's Latest Engineering Intern: Rohan Bhatt

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Rohan Bhatt, PEI-Genesis Engineering Intern, is an extrovert looking to gain industry experience. As a people person, Rohan loves interacting with others and learns best this way. 

This summer, Rohan will design 2D and 3D draft models and computerize them using CAD software while also working on Sure-Seal Connections® catalogs. In addition to daily responsibilities, Rohan will shadow PEI-Genesis employees to learn more about the electrical connector industry.

"I'm doing the artistic side of engineering: designing," he says. 

Rohan was born and raised in India for the majority of his life. He didn't move to the United States until high school. 

Rohan always knew he wanted to be an engineer. His grandfather was a Propulsion Test Engineer for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He took part in managing some of the earliest space flight missions.

 "As a kid, my grandpa always told me many stories [about his experiences], and he used to give me these small rocket models that I would fly around." Rohan's grandfather inspired him to become an engineer because "engineering tells you how the world works."

In 2017, Rohan attended Penn State University, located in Pennsylvania, to earn his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. During summer breaks, he participated in various research opportunities.

Rohan learned CAD and presented several models to build prototypes. He continues to share one of his favorite experiments.

"My final project for Machine Learning class was to make a fake learning model. My team and I had to feed a code to an autonomous robot so it could go through a course and deflect all the barricades and obstacles. We tried to model an autonomous car."

These research opportunities and experiments led him to apply for graduate school. In a few short months, Rohan will graduate from the University of Maryland with his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.Rohan Bhatt

During his studies, Rohan was a Penn State Aviation Society member. Students met at the Reading Airport to learn about the aviation equipment and wax the planes. Rohan was even able to sit front-row in the co-pilot's seat during fly-bys when they traveled to other airports. Upon graduation, Rohan left the club as Vice President. 

He mentions, "there are two types of engineers: one interested in cars, and one interested in planes. I'm a plane guy." One day Rohan hopes to get his pilot's license. 

 Aside from clubs and research, Rohan was a peer tutor in Advanced Mathematics and Physics. "I can explain concepts effectively," he says.

Although these opportunities were great learning experiences for Rohan, he wanted more. Rohan explains, "I saw the commercialization of science and engineering, which made me want that industry experience."

He continues, "Engineering is a mix of business and science." Rohan has participated in multiple projects and research opportunities but never worked in an office. He was craving a work environment where he could collaborate daily with professionals. 

Rohan explains, "What matters to me the most is the environment and the people because the jobs are pretty much the same anywhere. The only difference it makes is the people around you; they make your job fun and make you excited to come in every day." 

This is what Rohan kept in mind throughout his job searching process. He reached out to one of his old classmates, Chris Hazboun, current Internal Sales Engineer for Sure-Seal Connections® at PEI-Genesis. 

It stood out to Rohan that many people had worked at PEI for decades. "This speaks a lot about the company and the work environment here," he says. The family environment drew Rohan to PEI-Genesis. 

“It’s only been a week, and I am thrilled to come here every day. I owe this to the Sure-Seal Connections® team, with Craig Burgess, Julia Klein, and Chris Hazboun.” 

As an extrovert, Rohan enjoys interacting with people from everywhere. He likes explaining things to people and presenting his ideas. Rohan shares some insight about the connector industry. He says, "Connectors are everywhere; it is a method of power dissipation, and power is needed everywhere to make anything work because right now we are in an electrical world."

Throughout this summer, Rohan is looking forward to increasing his knowledge as an engineer and learning about the electrical connector process. "I want to know how a product moves from the manufacturing wing to distribution, and then to the client." It's important to Rohan to know how he can help a customer find the best solution through conversations and explanations. 

Aside from business and books, Rohan enjoys spending time with friends and family. He shares his love for music with his mother, whom he attended music classes with for four years back in India. The two of them took evening classes to learn about Indian Music. At 15 years old, Rohan completed multiple levels of a music school which equivalates to an associate's degree.  

Welcome to the PEI-Genesis family Rohan Bhatt!

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