Meet Kate Primavera, NA Manager of the Account Development Group

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Meet Kate Primavera- an eight-year member of the PEI-Genesis family. As Manager of the Account Development Group for North America, Kate oversees a team of highly talented sales employees that drive the profitability and revenue growth of the organization’s under-penetrated customer base. Kate explains, “Our team is looking for the next ‘gem’ of a customer where PEI can be their Trusted Advisor.”

Kate’s professional career began in the Imprintable Apparel Distribution industry. In high school, she started in the warehouse as an order picker before college. While earning her bachelor’s degree, Kate had asked if they would design an internship program for her to continue working there. Moving off the floor and into the office, Kate interned in the Marketing Department for a year. After graduation, she went into the Purchasing and Private Label Department as a full-time employee.

“As I forecasted and managed pigment-dyed lots of apparel, never did I imagine a world of connectors -- they are just a small piece to a larger puzzle,” Kate shares.

While at the apparel company, Kate was encouraged to train and teach. She enjoyed teaching so much that she decided to go back to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Education. After a couple of years as a second-grade teacher, Kate chose to peel off from this field. 

Educating students has taught Kate to listen and understand what is needed. This concept stays with Kate today as she listens to customers to understand what they need to find the best solution.

Coming from a completely different industry, the biggest challenge for her was learning the connectors: the part numbers associated with each product and the various features that go into each application.

But with help from her coworkers, Kate learned the ins and outs of connectors by asking many questions. “I need to know everything,” she says.

There have been many people Kate’s looked up to and learned from during different stages of her life. She adds, “different situations have always brought me the right mentor.”

Kate’s inquisitive nature has allowed her to obtain a plethora of knowledge and grow with the PEI-Genesis family. In February 2014, she started her journey with the Distribution Sales Department. She spent several years in PEI-Genesis’s Philadelphia sales branch, gaining new skills and technical knowledge with the help and guidance of her peers, leading her to where she is today.

With years of experience and new opportunities at PEI, Kate has become a Trusted Advisor to not only customers but employees here too.

The passion and energy Kate holds exude when she talks about the Account Development Group and other members of the PEI-Genesis family. 

Click below to hear Kate talk about the people of PEI.


According to Kate, the most innovative advancement has been the creation and development of the Account Development Group. The team has established a “self-fulfilling model” geared to help sales members grow while also helping customers find solutions.

“We had new positions created and saw our people blossom as salespeople and leaders,” Kate shares. There have been seven promotions within this sales team in a single year.

She is looking forward to seeing the continued growth of the ADG team as a whole while also seeing each individual flourish.

Aside from business, Kate enjoys cheering on her two boys on the sidelines and playing board games. She hopes to bring them to Ireland and Germany to meet her family one day, but for right now, the beach will do more than suffice.

This summer, you’ll find Kate breathing in the salty air at the New Jersey shore and maybe even participating in the nearest pie-eating contest. Last year, she won first place on the boardwalk for eating one the quickest and admitted, “I can’t say no to [another] pie-eating contest.”

Ironically, the one piece of advice that she’d give to her younger self is “slow down and enjoy it.”

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