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Harting Han-Modular Series: Solutions for Heavy-Duty Industrial Needs

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With the growing adoption of automation solutions in many different industries (e.g., automotive, food & beverage, and chemical), efficient connectivity is essential to facilitate secure power, signal, and data connections. As end-products become increasingly niche, heavy-duty connectors are the solution to accommodating the transmission of multiple media all within one system.

The Challenge of Industrial Connectors

Outdoor industrial equipment and industrial connectors come with a host of issues that must be carefully considered at a project’s inception. Because of the environments and applications in which these connectors are used, they often need to withstand extreme conditions like moisture, dust, chemical substances, high temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

 This leads to some recurring design challenges, especially when it comes to transmission needs of outdoor equipment. Does the connector need to accommodate a large amperage or voltage range? How many different coaxial contacts or fiber optic contacts should it house? Does it need to be IP67-sealed while mated? Can the connector be kitted for easy use in the future?

 Even with the answers to all of these questions, another question still looms large: is there anything out there that can actually do all of this?

Meeting the Challenge: the Harting Han-Modular Series

Harting Han-Modular connectors offer incredible flexibility in terms of customization and options. These modular connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, including robotics, machine tools, factory automation, measurement, and testing. They can combine electrical, optical, and gaseous signals into one robust industrial connector.

 This product series accommodates many transmission styles, including signal, power, coaxial, fiberHarting Han-Modular Connector optic, and even pneumatic. Many of the modules within the Harting Han product line can accept contacts with multiple termination styles, such as crimp or axial screw. Their use of heavy-duty plastic connectors is a move away from the more-traditional aluminum; however, the use of plastic leads to a more lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly option.

 The Han-Modular series modules are configured inside the standard Han hoods and housings (sizes 6B to 48B), which is a secondary benefit to users already familiar with standard (i.e., single insert as opposed to multiple-module) Harting Han connectors. The level of customization available with Harting Han-Modular solutions provides easy accommodation for future design iterations.

Harting Han Connectors: A Specific, but Flexible, Solution

The Harting Han-Modular series might be opaque for some customers, at first: there is no single Harting catalog part number that encompasses each of the components in a fully functional connector. That means that each of the connector components (including contacts, modular inserts, frame, hood, and gasket) must be specified individually for both sides of the mated connection.

 This type of situation is an excellent example of how invaluable a knowledgeable engineering team can be. Once the team and customer have worked together to construct the appropriate connector, the design can be kitted under a single part number for future projects.

Partnering with PEI-Genesis

Rapid industrialization, high adoption of automation solutions, and competitive pressure to achieve operational efficiency are fueling the growth of the heavy-duty connector market. That is why it is essential to keep abreast of the various options available for industrial connector solutions. PEI-Genesis will provide the expertise needed to find effective, lasting solutions for your present and future designs.

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