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As the world moves toward increasingly robotics-focused operations, many next-generation engineers are shifting their focus toward robotics and projects that will help support these initiatives. As this shift continues, it is crucial that companies cultivate relationships with and support these students — something PEI-Genesis has been doing for the last two years. The PEI-Genesis team is working with a group of students in Israel — the Steampunk 1577 FIRST Robotics team — to help them build a game-playing robot capable of completing a variety of tasks. PEI-Genesis has helped provide them with the tools, products, and connector solution expertise they need to complete their robot project.

What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school competition where teams of students, coaches, and mentors work for six weeks to build game-playing robots. These competitions consist of various tasks the robot must complete, such as scoring balls or flying discs into goals, hanging inner tubes onto racks, and balancing on beams. The six-week-long STEM-focused program aims to inspire students to be future science and technology leaders.

Steampunk 1577 FIRST Robotics TeamPEI-Genesis and FIRST Robotics Team

The PEI-Genesis Israel Sales Office has been sponsoring an Israeli FIRST Robotics high school team for the past two years. This team of talented, hard-working students most recently participated in a regional competition in Tel Aviv on February 25-26. Normally, this would be followed by two additional competitions with the hope of finishing in the top 8 teams in Israel and participating in the world competition. However, all upcoming events have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

Essential Products

PEI-Genesis provided several connector solutions for Steampunk 1577’s robot design, including three different connector products from the Anderson Power Products portfolio. These Anderson quick disconnect products work for a wide variety of applications, including robotics.

Anderson PP 15/45 Powerpole® Connectors

Anderson PP 15/45 Powerpole® Connectors are used for the motor high current line of the robot, as well as the quick release for the camera, robot arm unit, and sensor units. These Anderson power connectors make it easier to disconnect and reconnect electronics without having to disassemble the entire robot, which is critical for prototyping, testing, and competition.

Anderson Powerpole® connectors hook to each other for a compact, snug connection that prevents key wires from coming loose. They also allow use of a parallel circuit to wire power — if one motor controller loses power, the rest will still work. Anderson PP15 connectors are easier to adapt to a broader range of wire gauges. These stackable connectors allow multiple batteries, radios, and/or redundant power sources to connect in parallel using the same power distribution panels.

Anderson SB 50 and SB 120 Multipole Connectors

The team was given Anderson SB 50 multipole connectors and is utilizing them for their primary power source. These particular Anderson 50-amp connectors are available with a 50A rating, 600V continuous AC or DC operation. Different color housings can be used to identify voltage and prevent mismatching of the power supply system. Their genderless housing aids in easy assembly and helps to minimize the components in the system.

In addition, Steampunk 1577 is using Anderson SB 120 multipole connectors for internal lab use and evaluation for the next competition. These Anderson SB connectors are available with a 200A rating, 600V continuous AC or DC operation. Like the other multipole connectors, they come in color-coded, mechanically keyed housings. These keys can be used to identify and separate different circuits or prevent users from accidentally cross mating different voltages.

PEI-Genesis: Your Partner in Robotics Engineering

At PEI-Genesis, we understand the importance of helping the next generation of engineers and scientists work toward their goals. As students and young professionals continue innovating for a better tomorrow, we will work to support these endeavors through partnerships — such as with Steampunk 1577, by helping them meet design specifications that will enhance their latest robot for each year’s FIRST Robotics competition.


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