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Part II: Heavy-Duty Equipment Connectors for Inside the Cabin

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In part one of this two-part industrial connector series, we focused on connectivity solutions for steering and motion, power management, and powertrain systems in heavy-duty industrial equipment. Now, we will take a look inside the cabin of this equipment. The operating environment for electrical connectors in the cabin is harsh and includes complications such as shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to industrial fluids as well as rain and dirt. Fortunately, there are industrial connector solutions available that can reliably meet the demands of these applications.

Cabin Interface

The equipment operator controls many different systems from within the cabin, which means that the cabin interface must have industrial connectors that are compact, lightweight, and rugged. It is also critical that they are resistant to intrusive elements such as oil, grease, dirt, mud, salt, as well as transmission fluids, brake fluids, and hydraulic oil. These connectors may also need to handle both power and signal lines within the same interface.

ITT Cannon APD Series Connectors ITT Cannon APD Series Connectors

One of the best solutions for cabin interface connectors is the ITT Cannon APD series of connectors. These heavy-duty ITT Cannon connectors have a rugged, yet lightweight, plastic housing resistant to not only salt, dirt, and mud, but the fluids that industrial heavy equipment depends on to operate. They include a quick-mating bayonet coupling that provides both audible and tactile feedback so any technician can be assured that they are mated properly, and for added security, they have lock wire holes. ITT Cannon APD connectors provide great sealing since they are IP69K rated and they also support mixed power and signal layouts.

Lighting Systems

Another critical aspect of the operator cabin is the lighting system, both for the cabin itself and for the equipment. As with most connectors associated with the cabin, these electrical connectors must be compact, lightweight, and able to handle the rigors of exposure to the working environment of heavy equipment, both in terms of potential contaminants and temperatures. They also need to ensure a low mV drop and low contact resistance. 

Sure-Seal ConnectorsSure-Seal Connectors

The Sure-Seal series of connectors provide an environmentally sealed and cost-effective solution for lighting systems on heavy-duty industrial equipment. These Sure-Seal connectors are engineered specifically for outdoor applications, meeting or exceeding DOT requirements for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, salt water spray and immersion, and exposure to petroleum derivatives and industrial gas. Sure-Seal connectors can operate in temperatures from -40°F to +221°F under conditions including high humidity, severe vibration, ice, and mud. Sealing integrity is maintained even with exposure to brake fluid, gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, ultraviolet, ozone, and steam. This line of circular connectors achieves many critical requirements for cabin connectors, while still ensuring low millivolt drop and low contact resistance. 

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and control are two other critical functions associated with the cabin of heavy-duty industrial equipment. These functions involve both the safety of the operator and those around the equipment and the ability of the equipment to perform its intended tasks. Since cabins must be able to resist the ingress of chemicals and withstand shock and vibration, IP69K enclosures are commonly used for these modules.

Cinch ModICE® EnclosuresCinch ModICE Enclosure

Monitoring and control modules can be protected by Cinch ModICE® enclosures. This type of Cinch connector solution provides sealed packaging that is RoHS compliant and sealed to IP67 and IP69K for electronic control module application. The Cinch ModICE® enclosures even remain sealed when the harness connectors are not mated. They are resistant to most industrial fluids and can withstand both shock and vibration. The base interconnect technology is the 1.5mm SHS System, and they offer simple module assembly with a snap-in header/PCB.

PEI-Genesis Knows Connectors Fit for the Cabin 

At PEI-Genesis, we know the challenges you might face in finding cost-effective, reliable connector solutions for heavy-duty industrial equipment. Harsh environments that include shock loadings, vibrations, exposure to contaminants, and extreme temperatures all combine to make for some of the most demanding connector specifications. Our highly-knowledgeable team will work with you to find either the ideal off-the-shelf product or a custom-engineered solution for your industrial connector needs, including interconnects, cables, and modules.

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