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Meet Tim Carroll, PEI-Genesis Sales Engineer

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Meet Tim Carroll – one of the newest members of the PEI-Genesis family. Joining the company less than one year ago, Tim has been relishing in the exposure to the breadth of customers and industries we serve as one of our Sales Engineers.Tim-Carroll

Tim brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience in the connector and cable assembly industry, first starting his career as a Process Engineer at a small medical lab supplier. He then worked as a Project Manager at ODU where he was first exposed to the connector industry. Now, with over five years of experience, he has come to understand the significance of this industry. In a single day Tim works with engineers across many industries, learning about different companies – a challenging but thrilling task. This is exactly why he was drawn to PEI-Genesis in the first place. Tim wished to broaden his knowledge and understanding of the electronics industry.

Though Tim has been in the industry for several years, one of the biggest challenges for him is wrapping his head around the massive number of connector manufacturers and technologies in the world. He believes, “it is truly an industry where you can learn something new everyday for decades and decades.” Additionally, the most intriguing aspect of a connector and cable assembly solution for him is often the end product. Whether it is a helicopter, an MRI machine, or a high-end forklift battery, connectors and cable are needed and are hyper-critical.

For Tim, it has been very interesting to see how connector companies have responded to the need for high data rates across many industries. He has particularly enjoyed testing various insert arrangements and pinouts within a circular push-pull connector to see which yielded the fastest rates. It showed him the sensitive nature of signals passing through the same interconnect. In terms of where the industry is headed, Tim believes that products need to be smaller, faster, and cheaper. He is also very intrigued of how the introduction of 5G will impact the industry and believes that the growing demand for higher data rates in a smaller form factor will push innovation.

Outside of the office Tim is quite the active individual, enjoying traveling, snowboarding, backpacking, and most sports. He fills his free time with trips to the mountains and beaches, an easy getaway being based in California. When he’s not traveling, Tim spends a lot of time hosting barbeques for friends and family, along with weekly poker nights as well. In terms of his favorite place to travel, this was a tough decision for Tim. His favorite distant place he’s visited is Vienna, Austria. He exclaims its beauty is mind blowing. However, his favorite place in terms of the most wonderful memories would be a campground in the San Bernardino National Forest that him and his family have been visiting for years and though it’s a small shabby campground, it holds a very special place in his heart!

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