Meet Industrial Automation Challenges with Durable Connector Solutions

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When it comes to industrial manufacturing, consistency and productivity are key. It is crucial to have the proper components to power your automated devices and maintain efficiency. Many industrial automation applications require reliable industrial connectors that can perform in environments involving vibration, dust, moisture, and corroding agents. Although this can pose a challenge when specifying connectors for a design, there are several solutions on the market ideal for a variety of applications.

A Rising Demand for Industrial Automation

Industrial automation replaces direct human involvement with the use of logical programming commands and powerful electromechanical systems. There are many reasons why a company would begin shifting toward more automated operations — the use of automation facilitates a significant increase in product quality, consistency, and reliability, as well as production rates. In addition, industrial automation helps achieve sustainable and safe operations.

The Unique Challenges of Industrial Automation

As the market for industrial automation continues to grow, there are unique interconnect challenges faced by OEMs, system integrators, and end-users, leading to an increased demand for industrial automation connector solutions. With this demand comes a call for rugged and reliable connectors with higher data rate speeds and a reduced form factor. In addition, industrial automation connectors must support high signal density, good electrical performance, and mechanical dependability, even in high vibration environments.

Interconnect Solutions for Industrial Automation

Industrial automation and robotics require heavy-duty connectors with locking systems to successfully provide a reliable connection in rugged, high vibration environments. Two product lines — Amphenol and Sure-Seal® — provide an excellent overview of popular interconnect solutions for the unique challenges of industrial automation.

 Amphenol ecomate® RM Connectors

The Amphenol ecomate® RM connector series, which was developed for use in robotics, control systems, and factory automation, works especially well in many industrial automation applications. These industrial connectors can be combined with a variety of inserts and are a highly flexible solution that can help reduce system complexity through their mixed power and signal layouts.Amphenol ecomate® RM Connectors

These Amphenol connectors are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, with an IP67 rating, RoHS compliance, and a corrosion-resistant design that does not compromise performance. Amphenol ecomate® RM connectors are circular metal connectors with a bayonet coupling mechanism that provide positive tactile feedback to ensure a secure connection. This feature provides a reliable connection, while still reducing time and labor during installation and maintenance.

 PEI-Genesis: Your Partner for Automation Interconnect Solutions

At PEI-Genesis, we are committed to bringing you the durable automation interconnect solutions needed for a variety of applications. As you invest in industrial automation, our team of experts understands the importance of consistent electrical performance in environments where moisture, dust, and other contaminating factors are present, alongside high vibration. Let us help you find the ideal interconnect and cabling solution for your automation needs, whether it is an off-the-shelf design from Amphenol or a customized industrial connector developed with the assistance of our engineers.

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