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Meet Barb Hawley, PEI-Genesis Manager of Trade Compliance & Logistics

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Introducing Barbara Hawley – a seasoned veteran to the PEI-Genesis family, recently celebrating her 17th year with the company. Barbara joined the organization in late October 2002 and since has experienced various departments vital to its operations. Now, as the Global Manager of Trade Compliance & Logistics, her role lies within global trade rules and regulations.Global Manager of Trade Compliance & Logistics

Before entering the world of supply chain, Barbara began in the Accounting Department, specifically in Accounts Payable. She had just returned to the US and was looking for a new opportunity. Much to her surprise, she soon realized that PEI-Genesis was a place to build and develop a career. A few years later she found that her passion was logistics and trade compliance.

Barbara’s role mainly lies with ensuring the organization complies with global trade regulations so that it can act as the trusted importer and exporter for all customers. This is critical since PEI-Genesis is a global company with multiple manufacturing locations across North America, Europe, and Asia, while also offering products to the military market. Her job is to guarantee the company services those with good intentions and align best practices with its dedication to meeting recognized standards for trade practices, including export compliance.

Both the United States and the United Kingdom have export control laws in place and to maintain compliance, PEI-Genesis is registered with the US State Department and the UK Department for Business, Innovation, and Skill (BIS). These export laws cover defense articles, defense services, and technical data. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are also extremely important as they are a US regulatory system to restrict and control the export of defense and military related technologies. This regulation can be applicable to military connectors and cables and is in place to not only ensure PEI-Genesis is maintaining export compliance, but also the end user.

Additional to her time in Quality & Compliance, Barbara has transformed the company’s compliance processes through automation with Amber Road’s Export On-Demand, an export management solution. Companies are constantly looking to foreign markets to grow and expand its businesses, and over the years, exports have sky rocketed. Along with the fact that government rules and regulations constantly change for cross border shipments, export compliance can be complicated to navigate. The Amber Road project helps the organization identify entities committing illegal actions across the globe, while also allowing it to keep track of which customers have agreed to the company’s compliance commitment. With Barbara’s initiative to put in place an automated process, PEI-Genesis can further reduce export compliance risks and improve overall efficiency.

In parallel to the trade and compliance sphere, Barbara understands that change is necessary, but can also be difficult. Throughout her time in this role, change has been one of her greatest challenges and she recognizes that as the way people buy and sell in a global economy evolves, so must the processes that support it.

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