Amphenol ARINC 801: PEI-Genesis' Aerospace Connector Solution

Written by PEI-Genesis on 9/27/18 9:55 AM

At PEI-Genesis, we understand that the military aerospace market has no choice but to anticipate future advances in data speeds. To that end, connectors that have been designed for the rapidly evolving datacom and telecom market must be prepared for such advances. To make things even more challenging, aerospace connectors are faced with a more hostile operating environment than would be found in most telecom or datacom applications.

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Topics: Amphenol connectors, Fibre Optic Solutions, Aerospace Market

Fibre Optic Solutions: Increased Usage in Harsh Environments and Potential Challenges

Written by Michael O'Farrell on 5/10/18 9:01 AM

For reasons of bandwidth, EMI immunity, distance, future-proofing, passive sensing, security or safety; fibre is finding its way into ever more ruggedised applications.

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Topics: Fibre Optic Solutions, Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Shining a Light on Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Written by PEI-Genesis on 1/4/18 2:38 PM

 In every market, for nearly every connector and cable application, one trend is clear; an ever-increasing amount of data needs to be processed and transmitted at lightning speeds, all in the smallest footprint possible.

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Topics: Fiber Optic Connector Systems, Fibre Optic Solutions