Fibre Optic Solutions: Increased Usage in Harsh Environments and Potential Challenges

Written by Michael O'Farrell on 5/10/18 9:01 AM

For reasons of bandwidth, EMI immunity, distance, future-proofing, passive sensing, security or safety; fibre is finding its way into ever more ruggedised applications.

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Topics: Fibre Optic Solutions, Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Shining a Light on Fiber Optic Connector Systems

Written by PEI-Genesis on 1/4/18 2:38 PM

 In every market, for nearly every connector and cable application, one trend is clear; an ever-increasing amount of data needs to be processed and transmitted at lightning speeds, all in the smallest footprint possible.

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Topics: Fiber Optic Connector Systems, Fibre Optic Solutions